Cornell Tech is a revolutionary model for graduate education that fuses academia and industry to develop pioneering leaders and technologies for the digital age. At the heart of the campus, The Bridge is the manifestation of this mission, bringing together students, faculty, and companies in a catalytic environment to spur innovation.



Cornell Tech's world-class faculty is unlike any other. Professors have extensive ties to industry—they are successful tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as well as former CEOs and CTOs.

Johnson Cornell Tech MBA
Master in Computer Science
Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Master in Operations Research and Information Engineering
Master of Laws
Technion-Cornell Dual Master's Degrees in Connective Media and Health Tech
PhD Studies
Startup Postdocs

Cornell Tech's graduate and PhD programs are all rooted in real world application with extensive industry engagement.

Areas of Research

Cornell Tech's faculty, PhD students, and post-docs work on the most cutting-edge research in the fields of cybersecurity, health tech, artificial intelligence and more.

Product Challenges

Cornell Tech students respond to challenges posed by leading startups, companies, and organizations in NYC, delivering new business ideas and prototypes by the end of the semester.

Startup Studio

Students form interdisciplinary teams to build their own startups, developing the idea, product and pitch, and benefiting from the feedback from industry practitioners and investors.

Success Stories
29 startups founded by Cornell Tech alumni since 2014
$12.8M raised Cornell Tech startups since 2014
$16.3M raised in VC funding for Runway Postdocs
12 patents filed by Startup Postdocs since 2014

Only 9 semesters in and Cornell Tech is already making an impact, producing groundbreaking research and launching new startups.

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