Cornell Tech's innovative approach to sustainability and design goes beyond its LEED Silver minimum standard. Sustainable design pushes the edge of current practices and Cornell Tech will be among the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient campuses in the world.

The Bridge at Cornell Tech

  • LEED Silver Minimum
  • Rooftop solar panel array
  • Bathtub foundation design
  • Ground floor located 10' above the 100-year flood plain
  • Switchgear located on the roof level
  • Base Building tel/data and security head-end equipment on ground floor
  • Diverse points of entry for tel/data
  • Efficient water fixtures
  • Stormwater capture
  • Use of sustainable building materials for construction

The Bloomberg Center

  • Cornell aspires for the building to be among the largest Net Zero energy buildings in the US, with all of its power generated on campus
  • Geothermal wells for heating and cooling
  • Canopy of solar panels will top the building
  • Bathtub foundation design
  • Storm water recovery for use in greenspace irrigation and building grey water applications
  • Plug management
  • Extra façade insulation
  • Skylights and glass interior walls to provide daylight throughout

Residential Building

  • First Passive House residential high-rise in the world / largest, tallest passive house building in the world
  • Low VOC-paint, which limits off-gassing and improves indoor air quality
  • Compared to conventional construction, the building is projected to save 882 tons of CO2 per year, equal to planting 5,300 new trees
  • Energy consumption anticipated to be 60 – 70% less than that of conventional high-rises
  • Passive buildings incorporate a highly insulated building façade, an airtight building envelope and an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system to create a comfortable interior climate without drafts and cold spots

Cornell Tech Campus

  • Rain gardens, green roofs, reforestation
  • 2.5 acres of open space filled with green lawns, pedestrian paths and outdoor classrooms allow for recreation and encourage healthy living
  • Energy efficient LED outdoor Street, Path and Architectural lighting featuring interactive controls that brighten, dim or extinguish as pedestrians pass by